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Brochure Design Service

A brochure is a copy of well-designed promotion or advertisement that reaches the target audience. Mostly it comes as folded paper documents. However, it becomes a traditional and cost-effective way of offline advertising.


Well-designed brochure can make strong first impression. Hold business information and deliver it to consumers and audiences. Therefore, it is highly used as branding material to increase brand recognition.


Brochure design is a work of professional graphic designers. Brochure design service offers to customize brochure designs for brands.


If you are a business that needs to design brochures, the best thing you can do is get a professional brochure design service online.


Brochure design should need to be effective and versatile. Successful brochure design can increase traffic and revenue. So, before designing brochure for your business, there are several things you need to consider. They are,

What type of brochure do you want to design for your business?

What goals do you want to achieve with brochure?

Defining your target audience

Audience research

Find a design that can easily grab audience attention

Popular types of brochure design services

Whatever your purpose in designing the brochure, when you are in the care of our professional designers here, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Our professional design team specializes in designing the perfect brochure based on your objectives.


Look at the most popular types of brochure designs below. So, you can easily recognize which one you need and let us know about that. For your convenience, we have divided it into categories, let’s check it out.

Type of brochure design by fold

Type of brochure design according to purpose

Type of brochure fold

Brochures are often seen as folded paper, containing color, graphics, and specific information. The design of the brochures varies based on their fold.


However, the fold type you are going to use for your brochure does not make any significant sense. Because the entire brochure size remains unchanged no matter what folding type you choose.


The standard size for brochures is 8.5”x11”. According to the trend, you can fold the brochure like these,

Bi-fold brochure

This is the most popular type of brochure that is often seen everywhere. Bi-fold brochure design looks simple but effective, quick, and easy to create. Since it is made by folding a sheet of paper in half, it is called bi-fold brochure. It includes four individual panels and three sections which are front, middle, and back. Bi-fold is the most popular brochure type because it allows organizing all the information in a small space. Bifold brochures look great when they are designed perfectly with colors & images. You can use eye-popping graphics and texts in the front section, put main discussion in the middle and back sections. Whatever purpose you have, you can rely on bi-fold brochures to accomplish it.

Gatefold brochure

Gatefold brochure has a door-like appearance that opens up to whom it is given, so it is called the Gatefold brochure. Gatefold brochure is colors and graphics rich. It is made by folding the paper on each horizontal side while keeping the center unfolded. The standard gatefold brochure size is 8.5”x11” which is so perfect for use in restaurant menu presentation, product presentation, rich graphical content, architectural layout, and much more. Gatefold brochure has got two different views. *1. Open gatefold which has one larger panel that remains covered by two shorter panels. Shorter panels act as the door of the brochure should open as a double door opening although *2. Closed gate fold brochure is the reverse function of an open gate fold brochure. But in a first look, it may seem like a half-fold brochure to you. This type of brochure is a good choice for a larger presentation

Tri-fold brochure

Trifold brochure is also known as letter fold which provides larger space for displaying rich marketing offers and promotions. Since the paper is folded three times, it is called tri-fold brochure. Trifold brochures have fewer images and more text. You may find it similar to the Gatefold brochure, but the folding type is different and it does not have door-like appearance like gatefold brochure. Tri-fold brochures have six panels and three individual sections. You can get ample space to illustrate what you want to know audience. Tri-fold brochure is best for presenting graphical content, you can also use it as prospectus, flow of information, business presentations, and so on.

Z fold brochure

Z Fold brochure got its name because it looks like the Z alphabet when folded. Z fold brochure basically contains 6 panels and you can include huge text and image content into it. Z fold brochures are made in different sizes such as 8.5 '' x11", 8.5 '' x14 '' and often 11 '' x17 ''. You can also make it with custom size as per your requirement. If you have a lot of products or information to share with your customers and audience, you should consider Z fold brochure to get highest result.

Type of brochure design according to purpose

Because of its wide range of marketing and advertising benefits, brochures are used for all kinds of branding purposes.


From startup fashion brands to grown up organizations, it can be helpful to all. The reason why they go for brochure marketing, it is the one of the cost effective way to get people know about your brand.


Secondly, you can convey your message spontaneously through it. No matter what type of business you are, you can reap great benefits by creating successful brochures for your purpose.

Jewelry business brochure

It is true that all types of businesses need brochures for various purposes. Jewelry businesses must need this to increase brand identity, show jewelry collections, and so on. Jewelry brochures are very good branding materials. It is used to deliver between potential, new consumers, and target audiences. As it holds store location, audience can easily find where the store is located through brochures. When you give a business brochure to someone, it will go home with them. This will remind them of your business and send them directly to the store when needed.

Fashion business brochure

Brochures are highly used for fashion businesses to spread brand promotion, discounts, and offers on a large scale. It helps fashion businesses to market new product items and to get people interested in them. Both small and large fashion businesses can use professionally designed brochures to reach marketing and advertising goals. The design of the fashion brochure must have an exquisite and regal look. It should include persuasive copywriting and images to get consumers' attention. Especially fashion business start-ups can benefit greatly by distributing mass brochures in local areas where the target audiences are.

Furniture business brochure

Furniture businesses also need brochures to make professional marketing and advertisement for businesses. If you are in the furniture business and have a reason for creating a brochure, you should hire a professional brochure design service. It offers the best way to make the most effective printed ads for furniture business. Because here you get the opportunity to create customized ads to market furniture products with a variety of creative and eye-catching brochures.

Unique fold brochure

Besides these, our designers are innovative to find new brochure ideas for potential clients who tend to show business promotions differently. If you have a specific purpose to design brochures, you can make them with unique fold design. Many companies use such unique folding design brochures for their business. There are so many ways to look your brochure design unique, for instance, French fold brochure, double gatefold, square petal, oyster fold, and so on.

Promotional brochure

Whether you are a product retailer or service provider, you need to be familiar enough to get high sales on your products or services Business promotion becomes so important nowadays. If you can’t promote your business in the right way, you can’t make it profitable. Promotion helps businesses to get connected with the target audiences, increase sales and revenue. You have any business offers such as discounts, offer, buy one get one, no matter if it is online or offline, you must promote it effectively. Without promotion, you can’t reach out to audiences. Promotional brochure will help you to manage any business event offers promotion and share it as much as you want.

Photography brochure

Photography brochure is a required item for professional photography services. If you are a photographer who wants to create a photography agency or go as a standalone photographer. You have to introduce yourself to people first. Thus, brochures can do the job perfectly because it not only holds the business promotions and offers but also the introduction of the business. If you need dedicated photography brochure design, you should discuss it with a professional brochure design service online. Whether you are a starter or a well-known photographer, you can make brochures to be familiar with people.

Personal finance brochure

Personal finance brochure reflects personal financial activities such as personal investing, saving, income generation, and other financial plans. Personal finance brochure shows how corporate industries manage monthly or yearly financial estimation. Personal finance brochure tells companies strength, makes idea about revenue, expanse and future financial goals. There are millions of companies who use personal finance brochures as they know how important it is to manage companies’ financial activities. If you are an organization or a small business, you may want to make finance brochure to help your audience become more interested in your business.

Non-commercial brochure

A non-commercial organization deals with a variety of non-commercial issues. If you own a non-commercial firm, you must spread the word to get funding for noncommercial activities. Now the question is how do you connect people with your non-commercial organization? Since non-commercial organizations do not want to spend huge amounts for recognition, the best way to reach more people is to publish non-commercial brochures. Brochures for non-commercial activities focus on non-paid services and activities to show people who need them. These types of brochures often come in the form of gatefold brochures and are made with simplicity.

Why should you choose brochure design services?

Needless to say, all business brands, commercial and non-commercial organizations want to expand their business reach, audience, potential consumer base, and profits.


And there is no better way to get it right than advertising and marketing. Nowadays, advertising and marketing have become easier through the widespread use of online and social media.


Therefore, people are less inclined to use offline advertising and marketing materials like banners, brochures, flyersposters, etc. But it doesn’t mean offline advertisements aren’t profitable anymore.


For local and offline businesses, offline advertising is still the best way to catch target audience attention, increase brand identity and brand recognition.


Whether you are an online or offline business, if you are interested in offline marketing, you must consider brochure design.


Brochure is the most cost-effective offline advertising material that worthwhile for both small and large businesses.


To create the best marketing brochure to meet your goals, you need to make sure the brochure is professionally designed.


And to accomplish this, you must hire a professional brochure design service  that can provide the best brochure design you need

Brochure Design Pricing

The brochure is the most important and powerful marketing stuff which helps to grab the core attention of the mass customers.


Professional and creative brochure represents your company towards the mass people. Therefore, you must ensure that you are taking the professional brochure design services.


If you fail to get professional and creative brochure design service, it will be of no use to your marketing.


There are millions of websites and companies that are dealing with professional brochure design services online.


However, we don’t want you to go to the other company as they will charge you a lot. Unlike other online brochure design service, here it starts at $50. Within this budget, you will get high-quality professional brochure design for your business.


Besides, if you think that you feel comfortable hiring us at an hourly rate, you’re welcome.


Remember that working in hourly rate costs more than the regular pricing figure. Therefore, we suggest you to take our well-packaged pricing for your business brochure design.


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